Knowledge Based Oncology

KBO.COM Srl - UCSC spin off

The primary and general objective of KBO.COM is to facilitate the development and validation of multi-factorial prediction models for different treatment outcomes and also transfer technology innovation to the health market.

From fundamental research lead by our labs, we are involved to create components of complex systems, aimed at the industrial research and technology validation. At the end of our work, we lead experimental development, producing drafts, plans, and documentation.
Also, we develop commercially usable prototypes where is too expensive to produce it
to be used only for demonstration and validation purposes.

Predictive models

Experts from different fields, ranging from mathematics, physics, statistics to software engineering, knowledge representation and bioengineering working together with radiation oncologists to create a new generation of predictive models and decision support systems in oncology

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Radiomics from imaging

Radiomics is an innovative imaging analysis that enables the extraction of unique quantitative features (and associated radiomics signatures) from standard images to guide personalized cancer treatment.
We using these models to support the clinical decision making

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Process Mining

Process Mining allow to extract knowledge from today’s information systems. In the face of an enormous availability of data, thanks to these techniques it is possible to deduce, monitor, and improve processes in a wide variety of application domains and rapidly evolving environments.

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Data Logistics

Standardized data collection with BOA, interconnection with Rapid Learning Portal, and services deployed in a Distributed Learning Ecosystem

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Data leverage

Involvement of patients for the verification of therapeutic solutions through applications such as VALEO + for the management of Patient Reported Outcome & Experience Measurements

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On demand development of prototypes or specific activities of Data Mining, Image Analysis, Feature Extraction, Terminological Systems, for groups of researchers, consortia or companies.

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